Discipline. Honor. Self-Respect.

For 19 years, these words have been the core of Vanyo Martial Arts principles. Specializing in traditional Taekwondo and European Muay Thai Kickboxing we have created a unique form of mixed martial arts unlike anything available in North East Ohio.

Our 4,000 sq ft facility holds a variety of training equipment, and our instructors are certified to fulfill the needs of our students. Whether you’re looking to gain more confidence, get in shape, compete or empower your children, we have what it takes with all of the best accessories.  Simply put, we get the job done.

Master Mark Vanyo is a 5th Dan Black Belt of Taekwondo and Master Level in kickboxing with over 35 years of experience. After studying under the tutelage of Grand Master Kang, Master Vanyo opened Vanyo Martial Arts’ doors in 1999 and has worked with thousands of students from all walks of life ever since.

Known for training both the coaches and players for the Browns and Cavs, the personal training offered at Vanyo Martial Arts is at a well-rounded skill level very few can offer.

A giant part of our team is children. Your little one can start as early as three years old and be a black belt in only a few years. Our safety measures are top of the line and our attention to detail is bar none.

Contact us today for a free session and let us empower your life!