updated on 03/06/2019

ProMA Sparring Rules

Continuous sparring of…

3 rounds of 1 minute with 1 min. rest (ages 6 to 13 yrs. old)

3 rounds of 90 seconds with 1 min. rest (ages 14 to 17 yrs. old and Masters)

3 rounds of 2 minutes with 1 min. rest (ages 18 to 34 yrs. old)

Scoring will be based on a modified 10 point must system, with 5 judges scoring the match.

Techniques and scoring:

6-13 yrs. old – For the Beginner division all kicks will be above the waist.  For the Intermediate, Advanced and Elite divisions kicks are allowed to the leg (no direct kicks to the knee are allowed).  Hand techniques will be controlled punches “light contact” to the head including back fist, spinning back fist and punches to the body (no hammer fists or ridge hands to the top of the head).  All kicks to the head are to be light contact and punches and kicks to the body will be light to moderate.  Competitors will be only be allowed up to 3 to 5 consecutive punch techniques then must throw a kick or short delay to continue with another punch technique (this rule will be interpreted by the center referee based on individual performance).  No blind or wild techniques will be counted and a warning or possible deduction will be issued by the center referee.  Equipment will be mouth guard, approved ProMA head gear with shield (shield optional for elite division), shin and instep protection, chest protector (optional for elite division), 6oz approved ProMA protective gloves, groin cup for males.

14-17yrs. old – All kicks are allowed to the leg (no direct kicks to the knee are allowed).  Punches are allowed to the face (will be using the 3 to 5 consecutive punch rule as above).  Light to moderate contact is allowed to the head and moderate contact is allowed for the legs and body.  You will also be allowed to catch a kick and quickly counter with one legal technique (once counter is delivered, you must immediately let go of the leg).  A no clinch knee to the leg or body is allowed.  Equipment will be mouth guard, approved ProMA head gear (face shield optional), 10 or 12oz. approved ProMA protective gloves, shin and instep protection, groin cup for males.

18yrs. & up – same rule as previous with the following changes:  approved ProMA head gear without face shield, 12 or 14oz. approved ProMA protective gloves and light to moderate contact is allowed to the head and body.

*If a competitor is getting overwhelmed, outmatched with several unanswered technique combinations, the center referee will give the competitor a 15 second count (composure count) to regain composure to continue the match.  If after the 15 seconds the competitor cannot continue, they will forfeit the match.  If during a match a competitor gets a 3rd composure count, the match will be over.

*Medical Time Out:  A medical time out can be given to a competitor for receiving an illegal, excessive force blow or if a participant begins bleeding for up to 2 to 5 minutes decided by the center referee.  If the competitor cannot continue the match due to the illegal, excessive force blow or blood flow cannot be stopped after the decided time given by the center referee, the match will be decided in favor who was ahead with the judges’ score cards.  If the medical time out happens in the first round and one of the participants cannot continue, the match will be determined as a draw.

*Penalties: If a competitor steps into the out of bounds area from the floor ring, he or she will get a warning.  If the same competitor steps out of bounds after being issued a warning he or she will receive a .50 point penalty for the round.  If competitor uses an illegal technique or technique that is ruled for light or moderate contact and uses excessive force, they will be issued a warning.  If the same competitor uses and illegal technique or excessive force again in the same match they will receive a .50 point penalty for the round issued.  Continued use of blind or wild techniques will also result in a possible .50 point penalty.  Dishonorable acts or use of bad language by competitors or coaches will result in a penalty as well.

*Rounds will be scored based on legal techniques landed, ring control and skill level of techniques used.

*Each competitor is only allowed 1 coach in their corner for the match.


D Class Beginner (1 yr. or less of experience)

C Class Intermediate (1-2 yrs. of experience)

B Class Advanced (2-3 yrs. of experience)

A Class Elite (3 or more yrs. of experience)

*competition will no longer be ranked by belt rank, but by experience.  With approval a competitor can compete in a higher class.

*Youth division

6-7 yrs. old                         

8-9 yrs. old                         

10-11 yrs. old         

12-13 yrs. old  

*Teenage division

14-15 yrs. old                    

16-17 yrs. old                    

*Youth and Teenage divisions can fight up in a division if it’s within 1 year of their current age.

*Adult division

18 yrs. to 34 yrs. old


35 yrs. to 50 yrs. old

Teenage, Adult & Masters division weight classes

  1. < 119 lbs.
  2. 120 139 lbs.
  3. 140 159 lbs.
  4. 160 179 lbs.
  5. 180 199 lbs.
  6. 200 225 lbs.
  7. 226 265 lbs.
  8. 265 lbs. >

All competitors must wear a uniform that most represents their main martial art(s) style.

Competition area will be a 25×25 padded floor ring or 20×20 or bigger boxing ring.  Competitors will start at their assigned corners.  At the start of the match both competitors will be prompted by the center referee to face him/her and bow, then face each other and bow.  The center referee will then call for fighting stance and say “Go!” Or “Start!”  As a sign of respect competitors are encouraged to meet in the center and tap gloves before starting the match.

Pro MA Approved Headgear