Teen Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Now Offering Classes!

Teen Brazlian Jiu-Jitsu (NO GI)

Our Teenage Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will help challenge teens skills and elevate the teens ability to protect themselves in a ground fight situation…all while having fun and using different techniques to achieve a submission/tap out.

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Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for teens

This is not your typical martial arts school.  This is a high level training facility that focuses on character development for teens to become successful in life.

BJJ helps give teens the opportunity to overcome fear and discover what they are truly capable of. Through perseverance, they will one day discover a newfound confidence.

Teen BJJ Classes | Vanyo Martial Arts
Teen BJJ Classes | Vanyo Martial Arts

Powerful Self Defense - Fitness & Conditioning

Self-Mastery – BJJ teaches you to be in control of your mind so you can be present of your body and positioning to be effective in all movement.

Fitness and Conditioning -BJJ requires your body to maintain its strength and composure through a wide range of motion. Look to the practitioners to see the physical results.

Principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Our principles are simple…. Respect, Competition, and Excellence! 

Respect – Being pushed to your limits with others gives you a newfound respect for each other. You become brothers and sisters on the mat and discover the inner potential of not only yourselves but those you roll with.

Competition – No one builds character without struggle. We encourage all levels of competition and help you become proficient and comfortable with competition no matter where you are in your journey.

Excellence – We strive to help everyone excel in every aspect of training. Attention to detail, and emphasizing technique above all else helps us to become excellent!

Teen BJJ Classes | Vanyo Martial Arts

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"Coach David Barnes has many years of experience in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He works patiently with each student to help them progress."

"I have known Master Vanyo for many years. Not only is his a great friend but a great Martial Artist!"

"My kids have been at Vanyo Mixed Martial Arts for over a year now and we have witnessed such an increase of confidence, strength and discipline since coming here."

"Great place to train Jiu-Jitsu at! Coach Dave is elite at Nogi and is a fun environment. to be in from beginner to expert!"

"David teaches by far the best BJJ in the area, fun classes and is always willing to help!"

"Super helpful and fun Jiu-Jitsu class!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our Teen Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program

We find that our students become more confident to stand up to bullies and have more humility and kindness to others through their martial arts lessons.

We don’t require parents to stay during classes. However, we do find that parents who get involved with their kids martial arts lessons, truly build a solid connection as they see their child grow in confidence and skill as they progress through their belt ranks. And building strong family units is important to us at Vanyo Martial Arts for our Strongsville community.

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes you can do sports in!

Be sure to bring a water bottle to your martial arts classes.

Yes! One of the great things about martial arts classes, is that it’s an individual sport, done in a group environment.  We find all our students improve in their focus, self control, discipline and social skills.  Martial arts builds on repetition, which helps to create the skills children can build from.  But the best part is…. They don’t even realise that is what our highly trained Kids Martial Arts Instructors are actually doing.  They just think they are having fun!

The best way to find out for yourself, is to take advantage of our limited time offer.  You’ll find our team so helpful and dedicated to helping your child become the best version of themselves. Book in now!  You will be glad you did!

We encourage parents to watch their children in their kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lessons. We love parents getting involved! And so do their kids. Even better… join into some of our martial arts classes for adults. Your kids will love that you have something in common. It will build a strong family bond!

Additionally, if you wanted some ‘me-time’? Simply drop them off, and go grab a coffee. They will greet you with a huge smile when you return, because they had SO much fun!

Not at all. You will find that martial arts classes are the PERFECT sport for kids who aren’t connecting with other sports. Martial arts classes is an individual after school activity, that is done in a group. 

The journey from white belt to black belt is different for each student but what is the same for everyone is that they improve coordination, balance, motor skills, focus and discipline. They also make a lot of great friends in the process!

Our instructors are highly skilled in teaching martial arts. It’s their PASSION!

This is probably the BEST kids activity for children who sit a lot! 

Getting them active, without them realizing they are learning, is our skill.  Mixed martial arts is the perfect alternative for your children and screen time.  We foster an environment where children engage physically with other peers which builds social skills.  Martial arts also builds not just physical fitness, but helps to create that mental focus that kids need to function properly.  It is also great for your child’s emotional well being.

Many Strongsville parents find that once their kids start martial arts classes, they see a happier, more social child develop right before their eyes.  You’ll be glad they started classes!

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