Dawud Jr

Our son Dawud Jr. who has cerebral palsy came to Vanyo Martial Arts approximately two years ago to receive adaptive Taekwondo training. From day one Master Vanyo and our son Dawud Jr. connected and the results of his training have been outstanding. Dawud’s self esteem has went through the roof as a result of his martial arts training at Vanyo Martial Arts. As well as his abilities in balance, coordination, endurance, and overall strength. Dawud Jr. Has also learned how to do things that because of his disability he could never do before, such as jumping and tuck and rolling. Master Vanyo has helped to instill in Dawud that the only limitations he has are the ones he put on himself, meaning there are no limits. Vanyo Martial Arts have truly taken our son Dawud Jr. to his next level by truly setting goals and no limits!